Tuckpointing will make your building last longer

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Age brings changes. Buildings made from brick masonry are not immune to these changes. The chemicals within brick and mortar will break down over time. While brick is one of the most beautiful of traditional building materials, it can change over the decades. But fortunately for the building owner, Tuckpointing is a great way to preserve the building to and preserve its value. If you have a high-rise building, one of your biggest enemies is the weight of a wall. It has a downward force that will slowly crack the brick. Masonry needs to be repaired periodically and brick restoration is a very good thing to do. Another happy thing is that if you have Tuckpointing done before any cracks become expensive, you will sidestep expensive problems and a future of drastic repairs.


Brick buildings are subject to the weather. The seasonal changes that face brick masonry are enough to stress the wall. Relative humidity and the moisture in the environment will combine with the ingredients of mortar and brick. Tuckpointing addresses the cracking and will lengthen the life of your building by dealing with the small cracks before they can grow into big cracks. The basic notion of Tuckpointing is that someone is going to fill in the cracks with clay, fresh mortar, or a kind of putty. The experienced mason will cut into the existing mortar between ¼ and ¾ of an inch. They will then push the fresh material into the new space.


Brick masonry has shown tuckpointing for over 200 years. And initially it was considered part of the style of brick laying, but it was soon realized that it was important tool in maintaining the overall safety and quality of brick masonry. In colonial days, this was necessary because there was no way to keep manufacture bricks uniformly. Tuckpointing let the mason correct for these variations and still have a brick wall with a smooth finish. As the buildings aged, it was soon realized that Tuckpointing an existing building kept the walls strong and allowed the building to last for many years. Access to this technology is one reason that a building should be inspected on a fairly regular basis. If small cracks, called crazing, are ignored they can grow until they make the repair process incredibly difficult. It is a more cost effective procedure to do this when the cracks are very small.


When you seek out a company like Bruno construction, you will be assured that you are dealing only with professionals who understand the different kinds of bricks and know many ways to get all you need out of a brick wall. Tuckpointing is just one of the things in their arsenal of tools. They can handle brick restoration, they can ensure that you have the right color and shape for your desires, and the staff at Bruno construction is ready to take on your job right now. All their masons are well versed in procedures that will strengthen your walls and preserved your investment. It is the reason you should look for companies with the experience and the reputation to of Bruno next generation construction.


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If you have an older building, or a brand new one, speak to the people at Bruno construction. They will understand the needs of brick masonry and they will be ready and willing to do tuckpointing very rapidly.

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Tuckpointing will make your building last longer

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    ezuser_ 6389- 2010/11/15 06:04:39 am

    McGraw-Hill Construction has all the information you need regarding brick masonry. Don't forget to check them out.

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    ezuser_ 6389- 2010/11/15 05:57:19 am

    One of the reasons why Tuckpointing is used is because it gives a building the look that the masonry has been put together with fine joints. I always recommend that brick masonry should be done by a professional to cut down on future problems. If you need more information, check out the McGraw-Hill Sweets network which is full of a ton of resources and ideas. Even though I work for McGraw-Hill, I can honestly say they have the best directory of manufacturers and suppliers for brick masonry and everything else you could possibly need to create the best projects ever.

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